We are Hiring!

We're looking for motivated and intelligent engineers to join our team in our Hyderabad office. We offer competitive salaries and typical startup perks.

Jr. Machine Learning Engineer

Nvidia familiar with NVIDIA embedded stack is compulsory. You will be dealing with some of the largest datasets in the world and purpose build edge ai devices.

  • Build automatic ground truthing and ML pipeline
  • Working with large data sets and sanitization
  • Training models on our internal training framework (DeepDetect)
  • Working with NVIDIA Deepstream, Jetpack
  • Flashing and testing our embedded platforms
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary product development teams to identify performance improvement opportunities and integrate trained models.
  • Fluent in C / C++ / Python / Cuda
  • Know things about TensorFlow, softmax, ground truthing, and Keras
  • Hands-on experience in SSD, Faster RCNN, ResNET
  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • Experience working with modern tools for big data processing and scalable machine learning (e.g., AWS, Kafka, Kinesis, Apache Spark, Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL).
  • Experience with version control

Full Stack Engineer

SmartCow has an advanced annotation framework with transfer learning, be a part of it, assist our team to annotate a 2 million dataset, building inferences for embedded machine learning devices.

  • Design, build and implement web applications for internal and external use
  • Design and implement scalable APIs and backend services
  • Support drive processing and mapping data pipelines
  • Experience with JavaScript(REACT), Python, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Experience with OpenCV
  • Shipped both frontend and backend applications
  • Good understanding of web development (CSS, HTML, HTTP, etc.)
  • Comfortable hopping around our stack: from embedded (see: jetson nano) to cloud