Who we are

SmartCow is an AI engineering company, builds turnkey intelligent video analytics for smart cities. By using the power of AI and Deep Learning, we develop solutions and provide you with the optimized hardware and software for future cities.

SmartCow develops real-time video analytics applications that enable users to get real-time insights.

What do we do?

Applying AI and ML on video data.

At SmartCow we build video analytics systems(Alice), train deep learning,machine learning models and provide valuable insights into video data

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our vehicle number plate reading technology, allowing cities track lost vehicles, do traffic management, smart parking, app makers to build intelligent applications

Traffic Management

IVA is helping to measure pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic to help eliminate congestion, easing traffic and reducing pollution. AI-based systems manage traffic flow and improve incidence reporting and preventive maintenance of the road infrastructure provides real-time metrics.

Smart Parking

IVA and connected infrastructure make it easier to find open parking spots in congested areas, which also helps with ROI for cities and parking operators. SmartCow uses AI and deep learning to help drivers find open parking spaces with real-time updates.

Accident Detection

Detects motor vehicle accidents in real time and dispatch related services.


DeepVision Box

Cutting Edge Embedded Deep Learning


A Deep Learning Camera


Low Cost, On-Device Number Plate Recognition - Coming Soon


Legacy Product


ANPR API Gateway

Automated Solution for Number Plate Recognition

Shipping Container Optical Character Recognition

Solutions for Automated Monitoring of Containers

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