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SmartCow is an AI engineering company that develops affordable video analytics applications. We enable you to extract accurate, real-time insights from your security and service-related monitoring systems - regardless of whether they have 10 or 1000 cameras.

What We Have To Offer?

Applying AI and ML on video data.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning aren’t just buzzwords - they form the backbone of our Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solutions.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Shopping malls are hotspots for crimes, particularly when the crowd comes in. By monitoring the flow of cars into the mall over a period of time, security can get a clearer picture of when the peak periods are - and crime is more likely.

Traffic Management

IVA is helping to measure pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic to help eliminate congestion, easing traffic and reducing pollution. AI-based systems manage traffic flow and improve incidence reporting and preventive maintenance of the road infrastructure provides real-time metrics.

Smart Car Park Policing

Illegal parking not only poses a threat to the safety of the public, but is also a constant headache for the administration charged with collecting parking fines - especially from repeat offenders who refuse to pay up. Now, all these can be effectively managed with a simple search in our system. With our AI-powered, networked cameras set up, a Chennai-based customer was able to manage and bill parked vehicles centrally, reducing manpower needed on the ground as well as traffic congestion significantly.



An eye in the sky


A Multi-Camera AI Edge System


Nvidia NX powered hardware platform for multi-camera video analytics at the edge


Legacy Product


ANPR API Gateway

Automated Solution for Number Plate Recognition

Shipping Container Optical Character Recognition

Solutions for Automated Monitoring of Containers

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