Senior Software Engineer: AI (C/C++)


Full Time


Candidates with curiosity, excellence, and ability to learn quickly will enjoy this role.

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Key responsibilities: 

This engineer will have responsibilities throughout the entire AI stack 

  • Write efficient, well-tested C++ code 
  • Test, evaluate, and integrate new sensor hardware into our perception system.
  • Work with ML engineers to implement and deploy new models. 
  • Develop and maintain large-scale perception and ML regression tests to aid rapid software development, evaluate performance. 
  • Work with platform and UI engineers to display useful sensor information. 
  • Optimization of preprocessing/postprocessing code to run efficiently on the target device and leveraging CUDA kernels to minimize latency and runtimes 
  • Building multimedia processing pipelines, including container parsing, format support, codecs, media capture, audio/video synchronization, real-time communication, validation, and tuning.
  • Enabling hardware accelerated video processing, drivers for hardware-accelerated codec blocks, buffer sharing, and synchronization with GPU and display. 
  • Optimizing and improving video codec efficiency, encode rate control, speed, video, pre/post-processing, and error resilience. 
  • Debugging and diagnosing quality of end-to-end video experience on the lossy network in real-time communication scenarios. 

Skills Required: 

  • Strong interest in artificial intelligence and computer vision, awareness of latest developments in deep learning 
  • Excellent C/C++ programming and Object-Oriented design 
  • Good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms 
  • Experience with GStreamer, OpenCV, EGL framework, CUDA, TensorRT, NVIDIA visual profiler
  • Understanding of the client multimedia stack, including containers, codecs, and AV synchronization. 
  • Experience with video codec standards like H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8/VP9.
  • Experience with software codecs (OpenH264/x264/x265/libvpx). 
  • Experience with drafting or modifying video encoders. 
  • Experience in WebRTC, building FFmpeg filters and FFmpeg APIs.
  • Experience in embedded Computer Vision (Open CV), SIMD, and parallel computing, with a deep understanding of CV algorithms and multimedia image formats 
  • Efficient in SW development in Linux, with a deep understanding of operating system e.g. Linux
  • Experience with TensorRT as well as ML frameworks like Pytorch, TensorFlow, MXNet, etc. 

Good to Have: 

  • Experience with the application of computer vision and/or AI to video and/or audio streams 
  • Good knowledge in SoCs e.g. Tegra, with efficient use of Software development tools like debuggers 
  • Experience writing CUDA kernels and TensorRT plugins

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