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AI-IoT Platforms


  • Rugged AGX Xavier 4K camera
  • Extreme heat protection 167° F (75° C)
  • 4056H x 3040V resolution
  • 5G Support


  • 32 TOPs
  • -20 to 60 C
  • Active cooling
  • CE and CCC

Cerberus ANX

  • Nvidia Jetson Nano / Nx
  • - 20 to 60° C (Ambient temperature)
  • Active cooling
  • Compact design

SmartCity and Supply Chain Solutions

Solutions consist of algorithms, platform software, Ai-IoT, application software to efficiently deploy and manage


An Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS)

State of the art ALPR (Automated License Plate Reader), optional packages include parking management, helmet-less driver detection, accident detection

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Unmanned parking management and security

Allot parking slots in offices, malls, hospitals, educational institutes, intelligently and integrate with existing billing systems

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ISO 6346-OCR

ISO 6346-OCR

Turn around time optimisation with AI-IoT (Shipping container OCR)

ISO 6346 is an international standard covering the coding, identification and marking of intermodal (shipping) containers used within containerized intermodal freight transport.

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Case Studies

Autonomous solution to increase safety for pedestrian crossings using IVA

Challenge: Reliable and safe pedestrian crossing.

Solution: Client was using motion sensors & low frequency radar for detecting people on the side of the road for pedestrian crossing. However, this is not completely reliable as sensors might detect any object as human and change the traffic light. We designed a vision based system, it detects the person and allows them to cross. It also records video footage to support evidence w.r.t. accidents and over speeding. 180 video streams (1080p @30 FPS) are processed in realtime by a single T4 server (4*Tesla T4).

Benefits: Reduced cost, increased accuracy, in turn road safety.

Road Safety and traffic management at narrow streets and intersections

Challenge: Improve traffic management through early detection of oncoming vehicles at intersections.

Solution: SmartCow developed a vehicle collision avoidance system. SmartCow used Sentinel that runs multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification and object detection. All in an easy-to-use platform that runs in as little as 20 watts to detect oncoming vehicles. The edge system is connected to high beam traffic signal system (regulate the passage of vehicles and pedestrians). SmartCow installed at few corners as pilot project. These traffic lights are much more effective than mirrors used at the turning of the road, so the maintenance is easy and affordable.

Benefits: Accidents are reduced by 60% in the areas where the SmartCow's Sentinel is installed. Looking at the results, government is eager to install more systems.


Challenge: Cost optimizing and improving bandwidth

Solution: This project requires Automated Number Plate Reading (ANPR /ALPR) on thousands of RTSP cameras a combination of H265 & H264. SmartCow's Cerberus and SuperCam is used for this project; a single unit can manage 30 cameras with a storage capacity of 2TB data for 2.5 years

Benefits: Better traffic and public management, reduced crime in real time, easy scale up