We are continuously striving to be ahead of the curve through their cutting-edge technology. This is reflected through our various virtual and in-person learning interventions. We focus on developing engineering, management and life skills.

This is reflected through our hiring process, we are constantly looking for candidates who are at ease experimenting with new technologies, make bold bets, take ownership and are nimble in their approach.

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We Value

  • Research bent of mind
  • Getting hands dirty
  • Treating people, the same way as we want to be treated
  • Being respectful and empathetic across hierarchy
  • Taking complete responsibility of work on hand
  • Eye for detail
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Take the team along in your growth story
  • Doing the right thing when no one else is watching

Full Stack developer

SmartCow has an advanced annotation framework with transfer learning; be a part of it assist our team to annotate a 2 million dataset, building inferences for embedded machine learning devices.

Location - Hyderabad

  • Design, test, build and deploy web applications for internal and external use
  • Design and implement scalable APIs and backend services
  • Convert high-level requirements into detailed, usable and intuitive UI
  • Involved in the execution of project from design stage
Skills required
  • 3+ years full-stack python developer with exposure to web frameworks like Django or Flask 
  • Experience building APIs for rapidly iterating product and restful APIs and development of service layer using python's flask framework
  • Proficient in writing unit test cases using Pytest package
  • Database level programming using both SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and No SQL (Mongo DB/Casandra) and designing the database level stored procedures and persistence logic.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript and JavaScript framework & knowledge on Reactjs and Angular is a plus 
  • Knowledge with Nvidia libraries is an added advantage
  • Experience working with Web Application development, docker, Unix/Linux environments
  • Understanding of machine learning, information retrieval, neural networks, networking, developing large software systems (stands out from crowd)

C/C++ Engineer

You will be implementing end-to-end Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) solutions and analytics for heterogeneous computing platforms, developing deep learning accelerators and scaling from edge devices to enterprise systems. 

Location - Hyderabad

  • Implement and develop applications and solutions using cutting-edge state of the art distributed technologies to ensure scalability, reliability and efficiency
  • Build edge-cloud interactions using microservices architecture
  • Participate in a product development lifecycle that values high-standards for clear requirements, software quality and performance
  • Implement and extend portions of the DeepStream SDK from NVIDIA and APIs that interface with hardware-accelerated libraries for artificial intelligence, multimedia, graphics and display technologies
Skills required

Must Have:

  • Excellent C/C++ programming and software design skills including debugging, performance analysis and test design
  • Experience with databases such as MySQL, Mongo DB, LMDB, Memcached, LevelDB
  • Knowledge on Python will be useful

Good to Have: 

  • Understanding of deep learning or computer vision technologies
  • Experience with application of computer vision and/or AI to video and/or audio streams
  • Understanding and experience with docker
  • Experience with  GStreamer, OpenCV, EGL framework, CUDA, TensorRT, NVIDIA visual profiler

Front-end developer

We are looking for a seasoned front-end developer to join our team. This role requires you to be a tech-savvy contributor to translate product needs and user expectations.

Location - Hyderabad

  • Work closely with the team and various stakeholders to develop an intuitive and interactive edge AI product, usable, responsive, and have interactive interfaces across multiple devices
  • Turning UI/UX designs into prototypes, creating reusable content modules, and maintaining the code
  • Implement UI development principles to ensure that the product serves at scale
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced environment, collaborate across geographies, and bring in solutions for rapidly changing design/ technology
Skills required
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as a web developer, UI developer, JavaScript expert or front-end engineer
  • Excellent with HTML, CSS and JQuery
  • Familiar with UI layouts, Bootstrap, and CSS GRID system
  • Proficient with JavaScript frameworks like, React et al
  • Experience with debugging using JavaScript-based tools like Chrome Developer Console
  • Team player with excellent communication skills

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