We are continuously striving to be ahead of the curve through their cutting-edge technology. This is reflected through our various virtual and in-person learning interventions. We focus on developing engineering, management and life skills.

This is reflected through our hiring process, we are constantly looking for candidates who are at ease experimenting with new technologies, make bold bets, take ownership and are nimble in their approach.

To be part of our team, you can apply through

We Value

  • Research bent of mind
  • Getting hands dirty
  • Treating people, the same way as we want to be treated
  • Being respectful and empathetic across hierarchy
  • Taking complete responsibility of work on hand
  • Eye for detail
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Take the team along in your growth story
  • Doing the right thing when no one else is watching

Senior Deep Learning Software Engineer: AI

Candidates  will work closely with ML engineers from different teams (e.g. Computer Vision, Perception), covering different ML algorithms across the software stack.


  • Train, fine-tune, optimize and customize perception DNNs in low precision (FP16/INT8)
  • Apply low precision inference, quantization, and compression of DNNs
  • Improve DNN architectures using ML algorithms on NVIDIA GPUs or DLAs
  • Improve DNN architectures using ML algorithms on custom deep learning accelerators
  • Continuously improve inference latency, accuracy, and power consumption of DNNs
  • Stay up to date with the latest research and innovations in deep learning, implement and experiment with new ideas to improve NVIDIA's automotive DNNs
  • Collaborate across the company to guide the direction of machine learning inferencing, working with software, research, and product teams
Skills required
  • MS or Ph.D. degree in computer science, computer vision, computer architecture, or related technical field or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years of work experience in software development
  • 2+ years of experience in developing or using deep learning frameworks (e.g. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, ONNX, etc.)
  • Strong Python and/or C/C++ programming skills
  • Solid technical foundation in CPU and GPU architectures, containers, numeric libraries, modular software design
  • Familiar with state-of-the-art CNN/LSTM architectures
  • Experience with speech recognition AI models and software pipelines for low power edge computers
  • Willing to take action and drive with strong analytical skills
  • Strong time-management and organization skills for coordinating multiple initiatives, priorities, and implementations of new technology and products into very complex projects

Big Data Engineer

We are in an expansion mode, and thus our team is working on various stages of multiple projects. Thus we require engineers who can come in and remove the roadblocks by identifying time consuming processes and building scalable solutions.

Opening - 2 
Location -India, Malta

  • Candidates need to design and develop recommended systems and consult with the internal team to ensure smooth implementation
  • Focus on solving problems and creating value for the team by building solutions that are reliable and scalable 
  • Develop custom build software on company’s stack
  • Improve deployment capacity for customer facing systems using Hadoop, spark, java, python, elastic search
Skills required
  • Hands on experience with Hadoop ecosystem tools like Hive, Sqoop, YARN, HDFS
  • Strong scripting experience - python, ruby or bash
  • Distributed systems knowledge, preferably ELK or Solr, Kafka, Vertica, Hadoop, RabbitMQ, Storm
  • Software and systems solution skills with technologies such as Python, Java, C++, SQL, Hadoop, Elasticsearch,
  • Identify solutions and potential snags within engineering
  • Have a creative bent in bringing solutions
  • Ability to work across the team 
  • 5+ years of experience 

Product Designer - AI

We are looking for a talented Product Designer to work with product managers, machine learning engineers, and developers, to define the user experience of our platform and address UX/UI problems. You will help in defining the user experience, flows, interaction patterns, and the interface for internal and external facing products.

Opening - 2 
Location -India, Malta


  • Conduct user research studies to understand client needs, problems, and behaviors, leading to strategic and important product direction.
  • Designing new products, interfaces, and user experiences across products 
  • Understand complex machine learning workflows, and design functional and thoughtful user experiences.
  • Produce multiple concepts, and know how/when to create user stories, wireframes, prototypes, etc 
Skills required
  • A human centered design mentality
  • Experience in leading complex projects independently 
  • Excellent communicator who can advocate for users both within the product and engineering teams and across the organization.
  • Comprehend and communicate ideas with ease 
  • Know the tools of the trade (Sketch, InVision, Figma, Axure, or similar)
  • 3 -5  years experience in similar role  
  • Hands on experience with Python and ML frameworks a plus (Tensorflow, PyTorch)


Solutions Architect

You will be responsible for translating the vision of the product to the development team and play a pivotal role throughout the entire development lifecycle.

  • A huge part of the day-to-day job is developing end-to-end Machine Learning and Deep Learning solutions for end-customers. You will solve customer problems by creating solutions using the newest technology on Data Analytics & Machine Learning.
  • Document and teach others what you know and have learned through customer engagements. This can vary from building hands-on training, to writing papers, developer blogs and teaching.
  • Above all, you will be the person that helps bring SmartCow technology to life in the Enterprise. You’ll get to be the face and brains of SmartCow that our customers will rely on.
Skills required
  • 4+ years of experience.
  • Strong foundational expertise from a BS or MS degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Data Science, or equivalent work experience.
  • Ideal candidates will have an established track record in Deep Learning and Machine Learning; experience with GPUs as well as expertise in using deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong coding development and debugging skills. Including experience with Python, C/C++, Bash, as well as Cloud services, Spark and Linux.
  • Experience working with DevOps including but not limited to Docker/Containers, Kubernetes and Data Centre deployments.
  • Understanding of dense datacenter design including compute, Storage and networking.
  • Ability to multitask effectively in a dynamic environment.
  • Clear written and oral communications skills with the ability to effectively collaborate with executives and engineering teams.
  • Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a strong desire to share knowledge with clients, partners and co-workers.

Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Demonstrate expertise in one or more of these areas: Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision.
  • Show a willingness and ability to dig into unfamiliar territories to tackle complex problems through examples in previous work.


Full Stack developer

As a full stack engineer, you will build new features for our internal tools, including lightning ( . Architect, develop, test, and deliver independently.

Location - Hyderabad

  • Design, test, build and deploy web applications for internal and external use
  • Design and implement scalable APIs and backend services
  • Convert high-level requirements into detailed, usable and intuitive UI
  • Involved in the execution of project from design stage
Skills required
  • 3+ years full-stack python developer with exposure to web frameworks like Django or Flask 
  • Experience building APIs for rapidly iterating product and restful APIs and development of service layer using python's flask framework
  • Proficient in writing unit test cases using Pytest package
  • Database level programming using both SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and No SQL (Mongo DB/Casandra) and designing the database level stored procedures and persistence logic.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript and JavaScript framework & knowledge on Reactjs and Angular is a plus 
  • Knowledge with Nvidia libraries is an added advantage
  • Experience working with Web Application development, docker, Unix/Linux environments
  • Understanding of machine learning, information retrieval, neural networks, networking, developing large software systems (stands out from crowd)

C/C++ Engineer

Candidates with curiosity, excellence, and ability to learn quickly will enjoy this role.

Location - Hyderabad

  • Implement and develop applications and solutions using cutting-edge state of the art distributed technologies to ensure scalability, reliability and efficiency
  • Participate in a product development lifecycle that values high-standards for clear requirements, software quality and performance
  • Build edge-cloud interactions using micro-services architecture
  • Implement and extend portions of the DeepStream SDK from NVIDIA and APIs that interface with hardware-accelerated libraries for artificial intelligence, multimedia, graphics and display technologies
Skills required

Must Have:

  • Excellent C/C++ programming and Object Oriented design
  • Good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Knowledge of Networking protocols such as TCP/UDP, MQTT, etc.
  • Experience with databases such as MySQL, Mongo DB, LMDB, Memcached, LevelDB
  • Knowledge on Python will be useful

Good to Have: 

  • Understanding of deep learning or computer vision technologies
  • Experience with application of computer vision and/or AI to video and/or audio streams
  • Understanding and experience with docker
  • Experience with  GStreamer, OpenCV, EGL framework, CUDA, TensorRT, NVIDIA visual profiler

Front-end developer

We are looking for a seasoned front-end developer to join our team. This role requires you to be a tech-savvy contributor to translate product needs and user expectations.

Location - Hyderabad

  • Work closely with the team and various stakeholders to develop an intuitive and interactive edge AI product, usable, responsive, and have interactive interfaces across multiple devices
  • Turning UI/UX designs into prototypes, creating reusable content modules, and maintaining the code
  • Implement UI development principles to ensure that the product serves at scale
  • Ability to perform in a fast-paced environment, collaborate across geographies, and bring in solutions for rapidly changing design/ technology
Skills required
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as a web developer, UI developer, JavaScript expert or front-end engineer
  • Excellent with HTML, CSS and JQuery
  • Familiar with UI layouts, Bootstrap, and CSS GRID system
  • Proficient with ReactJs
  • Experience with debugging using JavaScript-based tools like Chrome Developer Console
  • Team player with excellent communication skills

Graphic/UI-UX designer

As a designer, your job will be to convert product requirements to intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. You will interact with the product and business teams to understand problems and then convert them into design solutions. 

  • Own the product design right from evaluating, gathering and defining the problem to devising the best in class solutions through an iterative process with user centered thinking at its core
  • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how product functions and looks
  • Optimize and execute with attention to detail
  • Work with other teams to drive long term vision as well as quarterly goals and help decide the priorities for the product
Skills required
  • Illustrate, design ideas using storyboards, process flows and sitemaps
  • Curious mind frame to identify user needs
  • Attention to detail
  • Sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Ability to work independently
  • Identify and troubleshoot UX problems (e.g. responsiveness)
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and angular js 
  • Knowledge of wireframe tools (e.g. and InVision)
  • Proficient in industry tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Visio, Project, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of progressive web apps, ReactJs or component-based Javascript frameworks
  • Enjoy a fast-paced high-energy environment, where the only thing constant is change
  • 1-3 years experience

You can share your dribbble or github repo

Machine Learning Engineer

You will work on multiple clients solutions across various business domains and provide them with a tangible output with the help of deep learning models. Enjoy access to large  proprietary data, run experiments, learn, and iterate. Develop models & recommend insights.

  • Write robust Python codes in our machine learning repository, apply novel software practices to support ML engineers for tasks such as - fetching training data, pre-processing the data, and orchestrating the training runs
  • Integrate the training software into our continuous integration cluster to support metrics persistence across experiments, regular neural network builds, and other unit/throughput tests
  • Develop highly scalable classifiers and tools leveraging machine learning, data regression, and rules-based models
  • Suggest, collect and synthesize requirements and create an effective feature roadmap
  • Coordinate with the team managing the hardware cluster to maintain high availability/jobs throughput for ML 
  • Profile performance of training software in our training cluster, identify bottlenecks in and between CPU/GPU code execution and work on optimizing its throughput and scalability within and across nodes to ultimately reduce convergence time
  • Contribute to the product road map and planning
  • Contribute to the design and improvement of our end-to-end platform
Skills required

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Software development on embedded platforms or large scale cloud services
  • Experience with GPGPU programming (CUDA and OpenGL)
  • Worked on at least one mainstream deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, Caffe(2), MXNet, PyTorch
  • Experience: 2 - 5 years 

Field Application Engineer

We are looking for candidates in a client facing role with good technical background in SoC, Linux SW, tools and applications. This is a hyderabad based location. 

  • The candidate will be client facing and trouble shoot their queries, work in an agile environment and have a good understanding of the product (HW/SW), and work as a SME
  • Flashing and inspecting embedded devices, resolving client issues, debugging remotely
  • Be updated with the latest known issues and how to resolve them
  • Documenting SOP
  • Building and testing various packages like opencv, tensorflow etc.
  • Experience in areas like Device drivers, Kernel, device bring-up, bootloader, BSP, uboot, system-infra (ex: Power, Fan, Media, PCIE/I2C/UART etc)
Skills required
  • Programming language: C/C++.
  • OS: Linux
  • Scripting language: Shell, Python
  • Good understanding of device drivers, file systems, memory management, and OS internals
  • Understanding of Hardware debugging tools, Kernel Debugging tools

Good to have :

  • Familiarity with Jetson Platform, Jetpack

Computer Vision Engineer

Work with the best talent of software engineers and scientists to design and implement cutting edge technologies. Train machine learning and deep learning models on a computing cluster to perform visual recognition tasks, such as segmentation and detection. Enjoy access to large  proprietary data, run experiments, learn, iterate and ship.


  • Build computer vision algorithms on resource constrained devices
  • Work on cutting edge problems in Deep Learning for Internal AI Accelerator SW Stack
  • Develop & integrate functional and performance models of accelerators
  • Analyzing the accuracy of Neural Network on Functional models and correlate with HW implementation
  • Be part of discussions in defining the next gen HW accelerators
  • Research on various numerics related to Machine Learning, optimizing it based on design and performance constraints 
Skills required
  • Experience in embedded Computer Vision (Open CV), SIMD and parallel computing, with a deep understanding of CV algorithms and multimedia image formats
  • Fluent in working with Python
  • Fluent in C and C++ as well as experience in CUDA
  • Efficient in SW development in Linux, with a deep understanding of operating system e.g. Linux, 
  • Good knowledge in SoCs e.g. Tegra, with efficient use of Software development tools like debuggers
  • Excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills and an eye for detail 
  • Good organization skills, with a logical approach to problem-solving, time management and ability to prioritise 

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Experience with visual geometry and deep learning in a shipping product context
  • Worked on real-time Image Processing and/or computer vision systems
  • Software development on embedded platforms or large scale cloud services
  • Experience with GPGPU programming (CUDA and OpenGL)
  • Worked on atleast one mainstream deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, Caffe(2), MXNet, PyTorch.

Experience: 3 - 5 years 


Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager requires to build trusting relationships and have an eye for detail.

  • Prior ERP or B2B sales experience 
  • Create and maintain sales CRM, ERP 
  • Arrange business meetings with prospective clients
  • Presales knowledge - research prospective clients 
  • Prepare sales contracts, NDA, SOPS, etc 
  • Keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc
Skills required
  • Eye for detail
  • Accounting and MIS management 
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Proven ability to negotiate
  • Ability to self-motivate and motivate a team
  • Experience: 0-2 years

DevOps Engineer

We are hiring an experienced DevOps Engineer, who can take end - to - end ownership, enjoys working on products and work in a fast moving environment. This is Hyderabad based role.

  • Containerize existing workloads
  • Migrate Docker Compose setups to Kubernetes
  • Take complete ownership over the CI/CD pipeline which includes developing, maintaining and monitoring 
  • Administer in-house datacentre's Linux Servers and the occasional cloud workloads
  • Work with the team to setup Development, Production, and Test environments
Skills required
  • Hands-on experience in working with Kubernetes, (Kubernetes with GPUs is a plus)
  • Excellent understanding of Docker, Docker Compose, and containers
  • Hands-on knowledge of Unix/Linux 
  • Experience working with Python, and NodeJS (needed to dockerize workloads)
  • Experience writing build scripts using Python, Unix Shell (bash,ksh)
  • Understanding of networking with Linux
  • Experience with AWS and/or GCP
  • Experience with continuous delivery and integration tools: Jenkins, Github
  • Understanding of version control systems

Good to have 

  • Previous experience in handling self-hosted/on-prem setups
  • Deep programming experience with Python and NodeJS
  • Previous experience in working with GPU-powered containers on Kubernetes
  • Understanding of the ML/DL pipeline

Exp: 2 - 5 years 


Linux Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced linux software engineer who shows enthusiasm for new technologies, solutions, and devices, is an excellent problem-solver, and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.


  • Develop middleware and user applications, usually based on C/C++
  • Write device drivers for the Linux kernel
  • Develop or customize Board Support Packages (BSP) for the hardware to provide additional functionality, e.g. software updates, security, and optimization
  • Drive development through all phases of the software lifecycle
  • Be an active participant in software architecture discussions
  • Contantly updates with the best practices, and identify opportunities for technology, tool, and process improvement
Skills required
  • Experience working on ARM and/or NVIDIA platforms
  • Strong C/C++ development skills
  • Thorough knowledge of OS coding techniques, interfaces, and hardware subsystems
  • Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools and peer review
  • Strong documentation and writing skills
  • An adaptable life-long learner with experience in emerging technologies

Technical Writer

We are looking for a technical wordsmith who can translate complex product details in a simple, technical yet lucid language for our clients and for internal use. 


  • Develop, design and continuously update product support documentation that breaks down complex business products and concepts  in a simple and understandable way for our clients 
  • Work closely with product and support teams to maintain high quality, and accuracy of content
  • Obtain a deep understanding of products, platform  and solutions to translate complex product information into simple, polished, and engaging content
  • Write user-friendly content that meets the needs of the target audience, focusing on insights using technical language that sets our users up for success
  • Develop and maintain detailed databases of appropriate reference materials, including research, website, sales, design specifications, etc 
  • Evaluate current content and develop innovative approaches for improvement
Skills required
  • Proven technical writing experience in industry
  • Ability to understand and appreciate product, their functionality and APIs 
  • Collaborate effectively with people of various levels of expertise and backgrounds (researcher, engineers, developers, etc)
  • Ability to meet publishing deadlines with attention to detail



Product Sales and BD Manager

Working with clients across the globe, building products and IP.  

  • Provide product understanding of SmartCow product portfolio to our clients, able to provide right solutions depending on the client existing needs 
  • Built client relationships, and expand existing business client 
  • Gather insights and summarise market data and trends of similar company as ours 
  • Identify our competition and their unique selling point 
  • Prepare client personas and prepare a unique selling pitch 
  • Maintain a record of client sales, and follow-up with them when required 
  • Develop brochures and marketing document for seminars, trade shows, conferences
  • Update product brochure with new feature and products 
Skills required
  • Product sales experience 
  • 5years of experience in technology delivery or sales
  • Successful track-record managing deals with Clients in India as well as global
  • Strong and demonstrated written and verbal communications skills
  • Ability to work in a fast pace, team environment
  • Strong computer skills, including ERP


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