Edgar is an AI-powered healthcare assistant, developed for safe work environment and patient care; It comes with six different AI models: social distance estimation, masks, gloves detection, medical apron detection, medical full-body suit detection and safe sneeze action classification. Edgar AI has a DeepStream backbone and is tightly integrated with Jetson and T4 platforms.

Edgar is GDPR compliant. The video will be processed and remain on the edge system; no data will transfer to the cloud.

Edgar can be used to create a safe environment in times of medical emergencies by assisting front line staff in combating COVID-19. Edgar can be the eyes of front line people to detect high-risk anomalies, allowing them to focus their energy and time on direct patient care. 

Edgar can be used by medical staff, emergency and social services, supply chain, and any entity managing retail space, campuses or offices. Edgar leverages best in class AI, ML/DL technology to detect anonymously - various critical risks such as crowd detection (e.g. more than 2 people), measuring social distance (default 6 feet), detect people with/without protective gears such as masks, gloves, medical aprons and in turn alert operators accordingly. 

One of the examples of Edgar is detecting visitors without masks, providing guidance and direction to mask dispenser machines before allowing them access into the premises. This can be emulated in public places, by retailers or even offices and campuses.

Software Features:

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PPE/N95/Surgical mask detection

Face mask detection for PPE/N95/Surgical 


Social distancing 

Maintains 6 feet between 2 or more people 


Crowd Management 

Identifies 3 or more people in close proximity - configurable number of people 


Medical apron detection

Able to detect apron (around the neck)


Surgical glove detection

Identifies a various range of  gloves


Medical full-body suit detection

Detects body clothing/hazmat suit


Safe Sneeze action classification

Detection of Cough and sneeze in your elbow or in a tissue. Flag the person if Sneezed without protection. Flag 6 feet from the person as unsanitized.

Edgar supports both T4 and Jetson platforms.