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SmartCow is an AI engineering company involved in developing Machine Learning algorithms, that works on embedded systems and mega servers eg: google cloud, amazon web services, etc. we also specialise in image sensors and edge ai. Our Product team works on DGX supercomputers, the fastest AI computers.

SmartCow has a niche team of engineers designing and developing experiences for products and services that are intuitive and exceptionally well crafted. We partner with Nvidia, for their edge jetson platforms - they are embedded system used in AI and work on the edge platform

SmartCow started in April 2016, in Singapore. Currently we are a R&D company with a team of 25, which includes engineering team of Senior Scientist in Deep learning and machine learning based out of Toulouse, France also expanding the team in Hyderabad, India, a labelling team based out of Singapore, and a Data center & sales team in Malta. For more please visit

Please share your updated resume at hire@smartcow.ai along with the details of your notice period (how much can be negotiable), current and expected CTC.

You can prepare for interview by Downloading deepstream, nvidia jetpack and get familiar, understand NVIDIA embedded ecosystem
  1. DeepStream - FAQ
  2. Jetpack


1. Jr. Machine Learning Engineer

Location Hyderabad

Nvidia familiar with NVIDIA embedded stack is compulsory. You will be dealing with some of the largest datasets in the world and purpose build edge ai devices.

  • Build automatic ground truthing and ML pipeline
  • Working with large data sets and sanitization
  • Training models on our internal training framework (DeepDetect)
  • Working with NVIDIA Deepstream, Jetpack
  • Flashing and testing our embedded platforms
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary product development teams to identify performance improvement opportunities and integrate trained models.
  • Fluent in C / C++ / Python / Cuda
  • Know things about TensorFlow, softmax, ground truthing, and Keras
  • Hands-on experience in SSD, Faster RCNN, ResNET
  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • Experience working with modern tools for big data processing and scalable machine learning (e.g., AWS, Kafka, Kinesis, Apache Spark, Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL).
  • Experience with version control
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2. Full Stack Engineer

Location Hyderabad

SmartCow has an advanced annotation framework with transfer learning; be a part of it assist our team to annotate a 2 million dataset, building inferences for embedded machine learning devices.

  • Design, build and implement web applications for internal and external use
  • Design and implement scalable APIs and backend services
  • Support drive processing and mapping data pipelines
  • Experience with JavaScript(REACT), Python, SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Open CV, shipped both frontend and backend applications
  • Good understanding of web development (CSS, HTML, HTTP, etc.)
  • Comfortable hopping around our stack: from embedded (see: jetson nano) to cloud
  • Must have a product company background with 4 - 6 years experience
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3. QT/QML Engineer

Openings 2

Location Hyderabad

  • Develop and maintain Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) software
  • Work closely with engineers developing all parts of the deepstream stack from sensors to deep learning to understand and document the tooling requirements then plan, develop, and deliver excellent tools
  • Test, instrument and profile Qt applications to optimize for performance
  • Experience building cross-platform Qt applications
  • Excellent C++ programming and software design skills
  • Experience with QML
  • Experience in Computer Graphics, UX, prototyping or design, Web UI development and embedded Linux and real-time systems
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4. Deepstream Engineer

Openings 2

Location Hyderabad

Skills Required
  • Programming Languages: C++ 11/14, STL, C, Python and SQL
  • Backend: MySQL, Mongo DB, LMDB, Memcached.LevelDB
  • Operating Systems: Debian, Windows
  • Compiler & Debuggers: Gcc, G++, Make, Automake, GDB, Valgrind, DBX, Purify & Wireshark
  • Unit Test Frameworks: Google Test Unit and Google Mock, CppCheck, Gcov, CxxTestUnit, NVIDIA visual profiler
  • Technologies engineer should get familiar or bonus: Gstreammer, OpenCV, EGL framework, CUDA
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5. C++/CUDA Project Manager

Location Hyderabad

Ability to lead a team, define the scope of project/s and deliverables. Understand and use appropriate tools to analyze, identify, and resolve business and/or technical problems, prepare system documentation. Conforms to security and quality standards. Stay current on emerging tools, techniques and technologies.

Understand client requirements and business environment, technical context and organizational strategic direction.

  • Strong understanding of best practices for solution design and implementation based on frameworks and platforms that are GPU-accelerated
  • Lead design activities and guide team members
  • Identify bottlenecks, bugs and devise solutions to these problems
  • Help maintain code quality, organization and automatization
  • Engage with cross-functional teams
  • Demonstrate technical leadership and increase circle of influence
  • Develop innovative team solutions to complex problems
  • Contributes to strategic direction for teams
Knowledge and Skills
  • BS/MS in Engineering, preferable in Computer Engineering or equivalent and worked with technology firms
  • 5+ years experience in externally facing technical role
  • 3+ years of machine learning or deep learning experience
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • In-depth knowledge of modern deep learning software design, data science workflows and applications
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and others
  • Python or C/C++ programming and software development techniques
  • Detailed understanding of software stack from drivers to SDKs, APIs
  • Experience presenting to technical audiences and creating technical content for developers
  • Hands-on experience with NVIDIA SDKs and key technologies (e.g. AMP, TRTIS, XGBoost, cuDNN, CUDA, DL/ML Frameworks)
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