At-the-edge Intelligence; in a Small, Ruggedized Package

HawkEye Camera

Rugged and ultra power efficient, the HawkEye features on-board processing and top-grade specs. The HawkEye is a one-of-a-kind AI camera system.

Designed for the real world, the HawkEye contains all necessary elements to sample enormous high-resolution scenes, boil down the data through deep learning, and store or transmit highly reduced, contextual information.

Minimization of Communication

These smart cameras minimize communication with the remote servers by only sending data on a triggering event, also reducing remote processing and memory requirements.

Ability to communicate with PLC

HawkEye can communicate with PLC (Programmable logic controllers) to control objects in the physical world.

Support of Electromechnical Lens

HawkEye has electromechnical lens allowing users to zoom in and zoom out on target without losing image quality and comes preloaded with a REST API allowing developers to integrate into their products effortlessly.

Typical Applications

ANPR/LPR, shipping container OCR, face recognition are the typical applications of HawkEye Cameras.


Key Features

The video is processed at the edge, locally on the device itself using deep learning, without transmitting it to the cloud for ensuring privacy, security and unparalleled speed, all at negligible bandwidth costs.

  • Camera: 4k, 10-bit HDR, 60FPS Sony StarVis image sensor
  • Slave Camera: Supports 1 additional, 1080P 30 FPS, RTSP Camera
  • Lens: motorized variable focus, zoom, iris, and IR filter. Low distortion, 4k resolution.
  • Comm: Gb Ethernet
  • Storage: 32GB onboard flash , M.2 SSD (NVMe) on selected models
  • Power: PoE+ (30W)
  • External LED lighting: Pulse synced LED lighting outputs with camera
  • Dimensions: Approximately 2.5″ diameter, 6″ long
  • Environmental: IP67 case rating, operating temp range -20°F to 140°F