Automated Solution for Number Plate Recognition

ANPR API Gateway

SmartCow provides high availability RESTFUL service to integrate ANPR into your applications. Installing a license plate identification software is time-consuming and requires high computing capacities. Trust our cloud service to read number plates from anywhere in India.. Go with high precision and simplicity!

Parking Implementation

Develop parking implementation. Track license plates for automated access control. Create a computerized method to scan footages of parked vehicles and their license plates while patrolling places.

Secure your Business

Secure your home or business. Automatically identify license plates and match them to your list of undesired vehicles. Substitute environmental permits with license plate recognition.

Enhanced Parking Experience

Enhance parking. Our API makes it simple to monitor parking usage. With that learning, you can give your clients live updates about parking availability. They could also hold a spot and pay in advance. You can also build ticketless parking. The license plate can be applied as the vehicle identification.

Typical Applications

ANPR API Gateway service provided by Smartcow can be used to automate vehicle detection and to enhance parking services for the end users.