Solutions for Automated Monitoring of Containers

Shipping Container Optical Character Recognition

OCR Technology Support

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the technology to translate the printed or handwritten text and images into machine-readable data, transfer information from a non-computer retrievable medium into computer retrievable ones and it was used by the United States Postal Service in as early as 1965. The OCR is also employed by many professionals in the semiconductor, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries to track and control cargo flows. Printing and image quality of an OCR code will influence its reliability. Besides, the OCR is usually used in a harsh environment where the OCR reader does not easily obtain the image quality. Smartcow uses advanced deep learning based RNN models to do OCR.

ISO 6346 Standard

ISO 6346 is the international standard covering the identification and coding of the containers used within this intermodal freight carrier. The rule establishes a perceptible identification method for every consignment that includes a unique serial number, the buyer, a country code, the volume, kind, and equipment classification as well as any operational marks. The International Container Bureau manages the standard.

Usage of Container Serial Number

The container serial number is also used by shipper, carriers, custom, and consignees to identify the cargo content and track the container flow. The container serial number is shown in six different positions of the container; thus the users can have convenient access to identify the serial number. Currently, the most serial number of the container is identified manually in most container terminals. In another word, it is read by the container inspector without resorting to any automation gadget. Misread number could happen due to the distance, angle, insufficient intensity of light, and poor container position in the yard between the inspector and the container. Reading errors could have also resulted from the inspectors’ oversight. These omissions and mistakes usually occur in lengthy delivery delay and extra expenses.


With Jetson AGX Xavier, NVIDIA has developed a general-purpose and extensible design for a fast-moving market. And Xavier can tap into tremendous performance, more swiftly than ever. The system is created for dynamic container loading and unloading assuring reliable container movement. The system aids efficient control and operations at the gate, yard, and loading & unloading zones for improved ports and terminals. Along with efficient operation for ports, the unified system provides the highest access control and security control. Jetson AGX Xavier is easily installed in ground-based and aerial robots, enabling the adaptability to track inventory while maximizing operator protection. Advanced AI and computer vision processing allow navigation, object recognition, and data security at the edge — all necessary elements of an automated logistics solution.